The Creation


Consists of ten (10) musical and lyrical texts, divided in two (2) chapters, with content inspired by the ancient tragedies and all the philosophical books and sources mentioned therein –as footnotes (51 in total) in every one of the 10 sub-creations (tracks)– which accompany the booklet. The format (structure) chosen for this release as a whole (music and texts), relates to an ancient tragedy, as well as to an old philosophical epitome.

The total duration of the album is approximately 60:00 minutes, along with the two (2) non-metal tracks (ancient tragedies).

The above piece of Art constitutes a musical distillation off all these decades, since it has been written-rewritten, composed-recomposed, arranged & re-arranged in different periods of our lives.



Themes of Lyrics


Philosophy (mainly Epicureanism & Stoicism), Ancient Tragedies and Dionysian mysteries, Latin literature, Science, History, Poetry, hedonism, spiritualism, paganism, mythology, symbolism & allegory. 



Mixed & Mastered at: Suncord Audiolab Studio (Ioannina-Hellas), by Achilleas (the sound-Doc.) Kalantzis.

Produced by: Achilleas Kalantzis & Corax S., between Feb. 2020 – Feb. 2021.

Parts A. & B. of the album have been recorded & mixed at: Studio 5 – The Analogue Recording Studio (Athens), by Grigoris Papapanagiotou, Aoratos & Corax S., between June-Oct. 2020. Female choirs of part C. have been performed and recorded during the same period at the above location, under the aforementioned supervision. The above recordings and mixes have been mastered at Suncord Audiolab Studio, by A. Kalantzis.

All vocals of Alexandros have been performed and recorded in December of 2020 at Priory Recording Studios, engineered by Greg Chandler, in Birmingham – U.K. The preproduction recordings were performed at EVP Studio, engineered by Andrzej Komarek, during April of 2020.

All vocals of Stefan Necroabyssious have been performed and recorded at Suncord Audiolab Studio, during Sept.-Nov. of 2020.

All guitars (rhythm & lead) and bass guitars were performed & recorded by A.Z.

All drums & percussions (tympanum & stones) were performed & recorded by Corax S.

The stones were carefully collected at Alepochori coast-Hellas, by Grigoris Papapanagiotou.

All musical, lyrical, choral, vocal and textual arrangements have been made & dealt with by Corax S.

Cover painting by: Panos Sounas

Logo by:  SotirisKitsopoulos & Hextek Design

Design and Layout  by: Alejandro Tedin at Heresie Studio

Director of Photography: Maria Triantafyllou

Photo of Alexandros by: Lindy-Fay Hela

Custom-made Masks by: Maria Triantafyllou & Martha Foka