The Band

Corax S.

(Author, drums, percussions, narrations and sporadical vocals)


(Guitars, Bass)

Lead Singers & Narrators

Stefan Necroabyssious: Abyssic screams, howlings & whispers.

Alexandros: Dionysian screams, clean vocals, choirs & whispers.

Band`s Ontology- Philosophy

In order for Thyrathen to reach the dramaturgical and the ritualistic atmosphere intended to, the band agreed with professional musicians, singers and actors who specifically performed: the ancient Lyre, and the ancient wind instruments (double reed pipes), along with: male choirs & psalms, tenor choirs, as well as with theatrical female narrations, soprano choirs, war cries etc.

Those five (5) independent artists constitute the “lyrical line-up” of the band, The musical, vocal, and choral parts have been applied and integrated in the band’s music, establishing therefore, an undivided -the Lyrical– part of the entire album’s nous and philosophy, which of course still remains under the unique “diachronic black metal” style of Thyrathen.

Lyrical line-up (Musicians, Singers, Actors & Performers)

Thanassis Kleopas

Lyra (lyre) of Apollo, clean voices, choirs & psalms.

Agapi Papamitsou

Soprano choirs in part C., and war-cries in part A.

Magda Katsipanou

All female narrations in part A & B, war-cries in part A.

Yannis Pantazis

Diaulos (double reed pipes) of Dionysus in part A.

Zisis Apostolidis: Tenor voices, choirs & psalms.

Acoustic guitar parts were performed and recorded by Dimitrios Tsilikopoulos at Babis Charitos studio (Giannouli-Larissa).

Some choirs performed & recorded by Achilleas (the sound-Doc.) Kalantzis, himself.


The idea of the band was born in Larissa-Hellas in 1996 by Corax S. (Jackal’s Truth) & Stefanos Koutsomarkos (Jackal’s Truth, etc.), however, the material form took part for a first time in 2011. The recordings were never officially released. In the beginning of 2019 the band regathered, to write & compose the “Philosophical Chapter” and to re-write & re-compose their previous “Dionysian trilogy” under the name of “Mythistorical Chapter”, with the addition of A.Z. (Kawir, ex-Obsecration, etc.) and the later addition of Melanaegis (ex-Kawir, ex-Rotting Christ [live]). In the beginning of the pandemic period (Covid-19) both Stefanos & Melanaegis left the band. Meanwhile, Thyrathen moved on to a formal cooperation with its (5-membered) lyrical line-up, as well as, with: Alexandros (Macabre Omen, The One, Razor of Occam etc.), and Stefan Necroabyssious (Varathron, Katavasia, Zaratus, etc.), who both participated as the lead singers and the main narrators of the album.

Neither keys nor synths have been used on this album

Thyrathen perform: “Diachronic, Lyrical Black Metal”, exclusively.-